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Fresh fruit paradise at the markets

Fresh fruit paradise at the markets

I love going to the markets in whatever country I travel in, for the new varieties of fruits and veggies, the atmosphere and of course, buying delicious treats for myself.

The markets in Fiji are fun, fresh and the people are so friendly. No haggling or yelling or people trying hard to sell you trinkets, Fiji's markets are a peaceful experience where you can walk the aisles and just choose what you like. 

The markets provide fruit and veggies according to what's in season, so what you find one week at the markets, you might not be around again for another 10 months, which I just discovered was the case for avocados! I'll have to wait until next summer to see avos again, but in the meantime it encourages me to try new fruits and veggies. 

Check out the video below to see what it's all about. 

Where are the markets?

There are two big fruit and vegetable markets, one in Nadi Town and one in Namaka. If you are staying at Denarau you can easily catch the dollar bus into town or a taxi and help yourself to your weeks' worth of fruit and veggies to have back at your resort. 


  • I wouldn't bother trying to get prices down, it's not really the done thing here and it's all pretty cheap as long as it's in season. 
  • Most things are clearly priced or just ask the stall holder, they are friendly and will tell you how much things are, and often you buy fruit and veg in bundles, or mini stacks for a certain price. 

Hope you enjoy your tropical fruit and vegetables experience at the markets and all the friendly faces you will meet while you are shopping. 

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