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Sabeto Hot Springs and Mud Pools

Sabeto Hot Springs and Mud Pools

Whether you want to think of this experience as similar to an organic clay body scrub at a day spa or like a little kid who hasn't had the chance to play in the mud for a really long time, these mud pools are really fun.

To start with, you are greeted by a Fijian who will take photos on your camera of you covering yourself in mud. There are buckets of mud for you to scoop up and smooth all over yourself, then just dry off in the sun until you feel like you are starting to crack and are keen to wash it off.

You then go through 4 thermal pools, the first one is to get most of the mud off, then you keep going through the next 3 until you are nice and clean and then just relax in the pools. They also vary in temperature.

Mudpools Fiji

What to do there

  • Cover yourself, your friends and family in mud
  • Wash off in pool 1, then relax in pools 2- 4.
  • Massages are available if you like. (We did)

How to get there

We caught a Taxi from Nadi Town, which was around $50-$60FJD return from memory. There are companies that can take you there and also pair the mud pools with other activities like the Sleeping Giant Garden. You can find more information here on their facebook page and the TripAdvisor reviews. Your resort will be able to help you book a trip out here too. 

The mud pools are about 30 minutes from Nadi Town give or take traffic etc. The mud pools are open every day - 10am-4pm. 

Who this is suited to

  • Couples/Friends and backpackers: Itโ€™s a fun thing to do if you want a break from beach life and have a few hours spare.
  • Families: We saw plenty of families there enjoying themselves and if you have little ones who love the idea of being allowed to get covered in mud, then yes, this would be fun for you.

Any questions, just leave a comment and I'll see if I have the answers for you. 

Cloud 9 - A floating party pontoon

Cloud 9 - A floating party pontoon

Fresh fruit paradise at the markets

Fresh fruit paradise at the markets